April 28-May 7, 2017

Music & Lyrics by Mark Hollmann

Book & Lyrics by Greg Kotis


Directed by Wil Kilroy


Winner of three Tony Awards, Urine town is a hilarious musical satire of bureaucracy and musical theatre itself! A 20-year drought has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets— people must pay to use corporate-run facilities. Yet when a hero decides he’s had enough, he leads the people into a revolution for freedom. Filled with vibrant music and choreography.



Bobby Strong                                                             Calvin Chervinnko

Hope Cladwell                                                            Melis Derya White

Penelope Pennywise                                                  Alexa Johnson

Caldwell B. Caldwell                                                    Rio Ragazzone

Little Sally                                                                   Sarah Sue Jones

Officer Lockstock                                                        Maximilian J. Contreras

Officer Barrel                                                              William Steele

Senator Fipp                                                               David Arias

Mr. McQueen                                                              Jared Simon

Mrs. Millenium                                                             Miranda Kay Elizabeth

Cladwell’s Secretary                                                    Esmae Leon

Dr. Billeaux/Billy Boy Bill                                              Paden James

Hot Blades Harry/Old Man Strong                               Taylor Rodriguez

Little Beck Two Shoes                                                 Torrie Hughes

Josephine Strong                                                        Alex Wheeler

Soupy Sue                                                                  Laura Mae Dille

Tiny Tom                                                                     Rowland Smith

Robbie the Stockfish                                                   Anton Ragas


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