April 28-May 7, 2017
Music & Lyrics by Mark Hollmann
Book & Lyrics by Greg Kotis


Winner of three Tony Awards, Urine town is a hilarious musical satire of bureaucracy and musical theatre itself! A 20-year drought has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets— people must pay to use corporate-run facilities. Yet when a hero decides he’s had enough, he leads the people into a revolution for freedom. Filled with vibrant music and choreography.


Director - Wil Kilroy



Bobby Strong - Calvin Chervinnko

Hope Cladwell - Melis Derya White

Penelope Pennywise - Alexa Johnson

Caldwell B. Caldwell - Rio Ragazzone

Little Sally - Sarah Sue Jones

Officer Lockstock - Maximilian J. Contreras

Officer Barrel - William Steele

Senator Fipp - David Arias

Mr. McQueen - Jared Simon

Mrs. Millenium - Miranda Kay Elizabeth

Cladwell’s Secretary - Esmae Leon

Dr. Billeaux/Billy Boy Bill - Paden James

Hot Blades Harry/Old Man Strong - Taylor Rodriguez

Little Beck Two Shoes - Torrie Hughes

Josephine Strong - Alex Wheeler

Soupy Sue - Laura Mae Dille

Tiny Tom - Rowland Smith

Robbie the Stockfish - Anton Ragas


Photo Gallery


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