Company Contract



Congratulations on being selected to participate in our season!  We are happy to collaborate with you!


Please fill out and sign the company contract found HERE. 

Once filled out, signed, and dated, please email or turn in your company contract to Mike Wise (

We will need this submitted BEFORE rehearsals begin.  We will not issue you a script until we receive this paperwork.

Once we receive your materials, you may pick up your script and rehearsal schedule from Mike Wise (room CFTA 312)


*We have selected you partially based upon your availability; if additional conflicts have arisen, please contact Mike at BEFORE filling out this paperwork, as it may prevent your participation in this show.

Please understand that the rehearsal schedule you will be provided is tentative.  You should plan to be available for ALL rehearsals, although you may not be called for every rehearsal.


Again, we are so happy to have you join us on this production, and look forward to working with you!