The Odyssey

By Homer

Adapted by Mary Zimmerman

Directed by Larissa Lury

Feb. 16- Feb. 25, 2018


An adventure story, with cyclopes, sea-monsters, shipwrecks, gods and goddesses. The Odyssey, as adapted by Mary Zimmerman, makes thrilling, playful and new one of the most memorable epics of all time. Journey through foreign lands with characters constantly relying on the kindness of strangers, as they search for a way home.



Nick Check                             Antinous and others

Lajuana Davis                        Alcinous and others

Joel Fisk                                 Odysseus

Constance Hasapopoulos      Eurycleia and others

Melissa Hernandez                 Helen, Teacher Siren and others

Yamilex Holguin                      Arete, Phemios, Eurylochus and others

Heather Hosford                     Muse, Calypso and others

Esmae Leon                           Athena, Woman, Child

Aliyah Montellano                   Nausicaa and others

Francesca Perez-Wright        Circe, Denizen of Heaven and others

Mozart Pierson                       Menelaus, Mentor, Neoman and others

Aidan Pohl                             Telemachus and others

Taylor Rodriguez                    Eumaeus, Aeolus, Teiresias and others

Matthew Rosales                    Elpenor, Perimedes and others

Robby Sciortino                      Zeus, Cyclops and others

William Steele                         Poseidon, Eteonus and others

Jacob Tellez                            Hermes, Young Menelaus and others

Melis Derya White                  Penelope and others



Photo Gallery

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