By Jonathan Larson

Directed by Wil Kilroy

April 27- May 6, 2018



Having won the Tony Award for Best Musical and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the fiery characters of the musical RENT have been engaging audiences worldwide for over two decades. Based on the classic opera, La Boheme, residents of the East Village in New York City struggle through the end of the millennium but ultimately realize their experiences need to be measured in love.



Mark                   Calvin Chervinko

Roger                 Juan Apodaca

Mimi                    Esmae Leon

Benny                 Ryan Thorpe

Maureen             Torrie Hughes

Joanne                Asiah Thomas-Mandlman

Collins                 Maximilian Contreras

Angel                  Joseph Johnson

Ensemble: Emily James, Nick Check, Haley Kirkpatrick, Xodia Choate, Evan Stanfield, Matthew Rosales, Rowland Smith, Cheyenne Kimmick*, Iree Herren, Melis Derya White*

*”Seasons of Love” soloists


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