By Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe

April 26 – May 5, 2019


In this beloved musical, pompous phonetics professor Henry Higgins is so sure of his abilities that he takes it upon himself to transform a Cockney working-class girl into someone who can pass for a cultured member of high society. His subject turns out to be the lovely Eliza Doolittle, who agrees to speech lessons to improve her job prospects. Higgins and Eliza clash, then form an unlikely bond — one that is threatened by an aristocratic suitor.


Director - Larissa Lury



Eliza Doolittle - Jenna Ivey

Henry Higgins - Adam Logan

Alfred P. Doolittle - Loren Jackson

Colonel Hugh Pickering - Brandon Brown

Mrs. Higgins, ensemble - Melis Derya White+

Freddy Eynsford-Hill - Cheyenne Kimmick

Mrs. Pearce, ensemble - Kamryn Neill+

Zoltan Karpathy, George, ensemble - Calvin Chervinko

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill, ensemble - Ginger Scarborough+

Harry, ensemble - Jessica Jimenez+

Jamie, ensemble - Isaac Lucero

Mrs. Hopkins, ensemble - Yamilex Holguin+

Charles, ensemble - Riley Merritt

Queen of Transylvania, ensemble - Alexus Tafoya+

Ensemble - Sammi Armstrong+, Bryan Berard, Micaela Bernal*+, Brianna Horvath*+, Quinton Kriner, Peyton Matthews*+, Francesca Perez-Wright*+, Nicole Ritter+

*Cockney Quartet
+Suffragette Ensemble


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