By Bill Cain

Directed by Michael Wise
Sept. 22 – Oct. 1, 2017


The play is a thicket of ideas about theatre, politics, and morality. What is the COST of a government lie? The language manages to be natural, almost casual, despite the rich quotations of Shakespearean text and the characters debating the difficult question of how to remain true to your ideals, and the truth itself, in dangerous times.



William Shagspeare                                                                            Jeff Dolecek

Judith                                                                                                  Torrie Hughes

Nate/Cecil/others                                                                                Taylor Rodriguez

Richard/Garnet/others                                                                        Teddy Aspen-Sanchez

Sharpe/Thomas Wintour/King James/others                                       Nick Check

Armin/Robert Catesby/Edward Coke/others                                        Calvin Chervinko

Kenneth/others                                                                                   Melissa Hernandez

Patrick/others                                                                                     Daniel Miller


Photo Gallery

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