Translated and adapted by Jeffery Hatcher & Paolo Emilio Landi
Sept. 23- Oct. 2, 2016

Servant of Two Masters is a comedy by the Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni written in 1746. Goldoni originally wrote the play at the request of actor Antonio Sacco, one of the great Truffaldinos in history. His earliest drafts had large sections that were reserved for improvisation, but he revised it in 1753 in the version that exists today. The play draws on the tradition of the earlier Italian commedia dell’arte.

Director - Wil Kilroy



Truffaldino - Taylor Rodriguez

Beatrice - Esmae Leon

Florindo - Nicolas Holguin

Smeraldina - Sarah Sue Jones

Silvio - Connor Schultz

Clarice - Miranda Kay Elizabeth

Pantalone - Mozart Pierson

Dr. Lombardi - Cameron Lang

Brighella - Melis Derya White

Patron/Porter - Haley Kirkpatrick

Waiter 1/Stage Manager - Heather Hosford

Waiter 2 - Rio Ragazzone

Prompter - Dani Miller

Muffaletta - Yamilex Holguin

Violinist - Violet Griffin


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