Nov. 18- Dec. 4, 2016
Book and Lyrics by Tom Smith, music by Roger Butterly


The touching holiday musical is back and better than ever! Join Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim and the ghosts of Past, Present and Future as they help curmudgeonly old Ebenezer Scrooge discover the magic of Christmas!


Directed by Robby Sciortino and Claudia Billings



Ebenezer Scrooge - Shawn Whitty

Bob Cratchit - Rio Raggazone

Fred/others - Nicolas Holguin

Mrs. Cratchit/Clovia - Melis Derya White

Martha Cratchit/others - Kendra Mae Jones

Peter Cratchit - Kendrick Whitty/Jonah Kane

Belinda Cratchit/Fan - Calliope Whitty/Ksenia Sevostianova

Tiny Tim - Alex Farrell/Joseph Waikiki

Fred’s Wife/Saphronella - Ashley Vargas

Topper/others - Cheyenne Kimmick

Ebenezer/Butcher - Connor Schultz

Jacob Marley - Gilberto Martin Del Campo

Ghost of Christmas Past/Want - Heather Hosford

Ghost of Christmas Present - Haley Erwin

Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come - Gilberto Martin Del Campo

Young Ebenezer/Carol Boy - Jonah Kane/Kendrick Whitty

Mr. Fezziwig/Old Joe - Mozart Pierson

Mrs. Fezziwig/others - Marybeth Torres

Belle/Neglect/others - Emily Parr

Solicitor 2/Fishmonger - William Bradford

Solicitor 1/Will Dickens - William Steele

Laundress/others - Palma Tavenner

Charwoman/others - Violet Griffin


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