Equity and Inclusion in NMSU Theatre

The NMSU Theatre Department is committed to racial and creative equity and inclusion. While we know that this list isn’t exhaustive and there will be more to do, we commit to starting with the following:

  • We will invite representatives from campus who specialize in equity and inclusion to participate in our community learning Theatre Workshop class (where all majors are present).
  • We will promote equity and inclusion in theatre arts by seeking out and inviting to campus a diverse slate of guest artists.
  • We will create and send an anonymous-response survey seeking input from both community members on our email list and our student majors on how the department will support their ideas and experiences relative to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • We will review the content and broaden the scope of our current curriculum to make our offerings more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.
  • We will revise our current list of recommended readings for our students to better represent BIPOC writers.
  • We will increase the breadth and depth of materials we explore for our students and community audience members by working with our NMSU Student Theatre Company (EMBER) to present staged readings of plays by BIPOC writers.
  • We will seek collaborations with members of the NMSU community and community-at-large that allow us to diversify our production offerings by engaging individuals in our work.
  • We will generate and produce student-created / student-written works (with an emphasis on inclusive practices) in order to offer students the opportunity for creative expression that centers on their own experiences, culture and abilities.
  • We will work diligently in future hiring to recruit candidates that can contribute to the department’s equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.
  • We will investigate recruitment opportunities that will allow us to represent NMSU to a more diverse population of students.
  • We will include a land acknowledgement on our website and for production events, linking to further information the university provides: NMSU Theatre Arts Land Acknowledgment.
  • We will work with the NMSU Library system to gather and make available a list of BIPOC plays, purchase more BIPOC plays, and continue to add to our departmental student theatre library.