Casting & Callbacks

CAST FOR ‘NEW PLAY’  BY Hannah Benitez

Lead Cast:

Elia  Vasquez

Edward Goldstein

Jet Parnell

Carol Flinchbaugh


Ariel Aquilar

Nora Brown

Imani Caldwell

Dom Gomez
Kamryn Neill
Lucio Orduno
Elija Reyes

Peyton Womble

  • Please email Mike Wise ( AND Nichole Hamilton ( to let us know you have seen this notice and accept the role in the show. If you accept, please go to the NMSU Theatre Arts website and submit your contract.  Thank you!




… scroll through each, you may have been cast in more than one show)

If your name is listed below for any of the shows, please email Mike Wise to accept your role. (

CONTRACT:  ASAP-You should go the department website and fill out an Actor Contract

And submit it. No contract = no cast in show!


Thank you to all of you for submitting audition tapes.  It was exciting to be able to see “re-meet” some of you this way, after not having seen you perform in over a year, and to be introduced to so many of you for the first time.

The following are the cast for Where We Stand (who will also be collaborating to develop the play):

Ariel Aguilar

Imani Caldwell

Hugo De Billie

Nora Brown

Victoria Cox

Dominique Gomez

Aidan Miller

Riley Merritt

Kamryn Neil

Lucio Orduño

Elijah Reyes

Esther Rogge

Alexander Shannon

We’lldo the kickoff meeting on Wednesday, 9/2 from 6-8pm online with the whole group.  You will be sent the zoom invitation when/if you confirm that you’d like to be a part of the project.
Then for the next 4 weeks (Sept 7-Oct 1), we will work Mon-Thurs 5:30-8:30 in smaller groups outside (who will be called on which days is tbd), with a full group online sharing/meeting Sundays from 6-7:30.
By Oct 4, we should have a draft of what the piece will be.
Oct 4-Oct 28 we will rehearse and re-write/refine, working Sun-Thurs 5:30-8:30
Tech/Dress will take place Oct 30-Nov 3
Performances will be Wed Nov 4- Sat Nov 7
Looking forward to working with all of you and to digging into and inventing the stories we’re about to tell.
If you have questions about the project, feel free to email Larissa at


Letters to the Future:

We will have our initial meeting on Monday, 8/31 at 5pm, in the 2nd floor rehearsal room -masked and 6’ apart!  Please bring your ideas as to what you feel should be represented in this piece which is to be a reflection of the turbulent times we are living in but with a focus on positive change and hope.

I will be giving each of you a piece to then create, and we will meet on Wednesday at 5pm to share, and further the piece as a whole.

I will also get your individual schedules so that we can have meetings during the day to coach your individual letter or scene, with the idea that this will be a montage with some ‘choral’ work and perhaps scenes along with the ‘letters’.

We are aiming for 60-80 minutes of material, and some may be filmed with the entire cast, and other, if you are adept, could be self-taped and we have light rings and webcams we can loan as needed.

Please email me with any questions you may have prior to Monday!

Thanks, Wil


Aliyah Jet Parnell: Assistant Director/Actor

Imani Caldwell

Edward Goldstein

Dominique Gomez

Riley Merritt

Aidan Miller

Lucio Orduno

Elijah Reyes

Alex Shannon

Reagan Szulc

Peyton Womble

First rehearsal is 5:00pm on MONDAY, August 31

in the CFTA Rehearsal Room [second floor]

*Email Mike Wise to accept your role(s) (



Directed by Nichole Hamilton

Thank you for auditioning!

Callbacks/Casting for “New Play” by Hannah Benitez will not occur until early September. You are all being considered for the play/process. We will do our best to honor those of you that noted the project as your first or second choice preference.

Thank you again – we look forward to playing soon! — Nichole

Cast for this project is still TBD. 

Watch This Space!


CAST LIST FOR Stay Home For The Holidays – Holiday Cabaret

From Directors Lisa Hermanson and Christa Fredrickson

We were thrilled at seeing all of you again and so excited by the range of talent and styles we saw in your audition videos. Thank you already for your hard work!

“Stay Home For The Holidays” is a virtual devised cabaret. The script is still in flux and we can’t wait to get started on it. Rehearsals will be minimal and largely on your own. Be on the lookout next week for an invite to our First Meet/Kick-Off, which will be done virtually over Zoom.

We will have all filming of the project complete before Thanksgiving break. The project will then be edited together and ready to stream starting – hopefully – the first weekend in December.

Obviously so much is up in the air still. We appreciate your patience and hope you are as excited for this devised, chaotically clever production as we are.Please email AND vto accept your place in the show. Thank you all very much!

Stay Home For The Holidays – Holiday Cabaret     CAST LIST

Wanda Beach

Imani Caldwell

Victoria Cox

Hugo de Billie V

Dominique Gomez

Alycia Herrera

Brianna Horvath

Joshua Jackson


Riley Merritt

Kamryn Neill

Aliyah (Jet) Parnell

Elijah Reyes

Kaylee Rogers

Caitlin Skibyak

Reagan Szulc

Peyton Womble


Thank you to everyone who auditioned.

Email Mike Wise to confirm your role