NMSU Theatre Arts in the ASNMSU CFTA Reopening Plan

In order for NMSU’s Theatre Arts program to safely reopen in the ASNMSU Center for the Arts (CFTA), we’re instituting the following changes:

Building Use & Access

Building Doors

  • Enter only from South Doors (by Honors College)*
  • Exit only from North Doors (by University Ave)

* Exceptions will made for certain loading/unloading of set pieces/props/costumes which will be scheduled during low traffic times

Stairwells and Elevators

Please take the stairs! This will help to limit exposure and preserve the elevator spaces for those who cannot use the stairs. If you do use the elevator, please bring a disinfectant wipe with you and use them on buttons/handles to sterilize them after each ride.

  • GOING UP: Up only on South (Honors College) side
  • GOING DOWN: Down only on North (University Ave) side

Offices, Classrooms, and Performance Areas

  • Department Office Suite (3rd floor):  Enter only from South door (conference room side) and exit from North door (copy room side).
  • Green Room (1st floor): Due to space limitations, this room is temporarily closed.
  • Rehearsal Studio (2nd floor):  Enter via main doors, exit out hallway doors and then continue either down the interior stairs to exit the building, or into the hallway to proceed to another classroom or office. 
  • Classroom (2nd floor): Enter North door (front of classroom), exit South door (back of classroom).
  • Design Studios / Costume Shop / Scene Shop: These rooms have only one entrance/exit door. Please do not crowd or linger in / near doorways.

Performance Areas

  • Main Theatre, stage:  Enter South door near the scene shop, exit North door of stage area.
  • Main Theatre, auditorium:  Enter from the Northeast door and walk down the aisle on the same side; exit from the opposite Northwest door.
  • Main Theatre, backstage:  Enter from Hallway doors, exit from the loading dock area to campus.


Maintaining Social Distance:

NOTE: due to space limitations, the Green Room is temporarily closed.

  • Rehearsal Studio & Main Stage: Tape marks on the floor in the rehearsal studio and on the main stage area provide places for students to stand/sit during classes.
  • Other Classrooms: Seats are taped off to provide sufficient social distance.
  • Department Office: In the main area, the Administrative Assistant’s area is surrounded by an enclosure that enables safe interaction with staff/students/visitors.
  • Other Faculty / Staff Offices: Faculty/staff will maintain boundaries using stand-alone barriers, signs, or by blocking doorways (such as with a chair) while still enabling them to meet and communicate with students and colleagues.
  • Copy Room / Kitchen: Due to its small size and single doorway, only one person is allowed at any time into this area.
  • Restricted Restrooms: Students and visitors may use any restroom EXCEPT for the following, which are marked as restricted to faculty and staff use:
    • 3rd Floor (University Ave side) restrooms
    • 1st Floor solo-family restroom
    • Backstage corridor restroom


Scheduling, Staffing, & Meetings:

  • Office Staffing: The department Administrative Assistant, Yoli Bacon, will be in the office during regular business hours (Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm). During the lunch break (1:15pm-2:15pm), coverage is provided by Wil Kilroy (or other designee).
  • Teaching / Preparation / Etc.: Faculty and staff will be in residence as needed for teaching classes, as well as essential preparation and creative activity. However, to reduce the number of people present at any given time, they will stagger their office hours as well as telework from home, as appropriate. In addition, individuals in a high-risk category will teach online / telework solely from home.
  • Department meetings: Due to space and density restrictions, no more than 4 people may meet in person for meetings. Therefore all departmental meetings will be held via Zoom for the foreseeable future, until restrictions are altered.